Cattle Drive Clinics

Why devil’s hole ranch?

Due to Devil's Hole Ranch's long standing heritage, traditions, and diversified operations with cattle, horses, and people, we are uniquely qualified to offer these cattle drive clinics. With the educational purpose of helping participants gain confidence and knowledge in their horsemanship skills as well as cattle-handling skills, participants are given the opportunity to experience an authentic ranch setting.

Devil’s Hole Ranch clinics are distinct and remarkable for a number of reasons. The value of the clinics certainly exceeds the cost. Our clinics are priced lower than comparable clinics anywhere else in the country. Our customers tell us time and time again that our clinics are exceptional. They are challenging both mentally and physically, and provide an unbeatable experience. We ensure that our customers are treated with respect and are encouraged to participate to the fullest level of their training and comfort. Our customers receive positive, constructive feedback and suggestions from our expert clinic instructors. Participants can come to our clinics over and over again and be guaranteed that they will continue to improve their horsemanship and cattle-handling skills. Participants can meet new friends and have fun each and every time! There is no need to travel hundreds of miles away when we have it all right here in the Upper Midwest! 

Everyone was so welcoming and nice! I had the time of my life on the trails and sweeping cattle. I also learned a lot as well! Very fun experience!
— 2018 Clinic Participant
This experience was an event of a lifetime for me. I’ll be back next year. Thank you so much.
— 2018 Clinic Participant
This made my summer! I learned, had fun, [met] great people, and the riding was fantastic.
— 2018 Clinic Participant

About the Cattle Drive ClinicS

As a fully-functioning ranch, we give our cattle herds a lot of attention. We practice rotational grazing with our Black Angus cattle in order to have the best beef possible and to help improve the environment. Participants in our cattle drive clinics will gain actual experience moving cows, calves, and bulls. You will further experience how we work with the land to provide the ideal environment for our cattle, our horses, and the wildlife. Cattle drive participants will improve their horsemanship and cattle-handling skills. 

According to feedback from our guests, our 2018 Clinics were a success, as we sought to make our clinics more structured and have a more purposeful itinerary. And we agree. We are so grateful to everyone who attended. In 2019, we are going to add even more content and options for our guests. Options will include an Introduction to Driving, Roping for Beginners, conversations with knowledgeable people in the ranching and horse communities, and/or carriage rides. We will also continue to offer excursions to the Vernon Yoder Harness Shop. Based on participant interest, we will extend some weekends in order to offer additional riding, a day of driving, some advanced trail riding, or other opportunities. We are looking forward to seeing guests from 2017, 2018, and new guests this year on the Ranch!

Since you will actually be one of our ranchers during the Clinic, there is a certain expectation that you understand the risks and dangers of participating and are prepared and up for the challenge. The terrain is "hilly," as some folks say, while others say it's "rocky and has lots of creeks to cross"; both statements are correct! Safety is our number one priority and we cherish the opportunity to share a safe, fun, enjoyable weekend with you!

The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.
— Author Unknown

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