Full Payment Extended Day 12&Under or Auditor


Full Payment Extended Day 12&Under or Auditor

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Registration Information

Please note that in order to complete your registration, you must fill out the Clinic Registration Form and sign the Waiver. These documents must be emailed or mailed to Devil's Hole Ranch. If you are choosing to take advantage of an extended day, please make sure to select the appropriate option on your Clinic Registration Form.

Fee and Payment Information

In addition to the regular Cattle Drive Clinic fee, the full cost of extending for a day for a 12&Under participant or auditor is $25. The full amount is due along with the 50% deposit of the regular fee in order to confirm registration.


Each clinic has a maximum number of participants allowed. Please note that registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will be notified of your reserved slot upon receipt of payment (50% or full), Clinic Registration Form, and signed Waiver. Devil's Hole Ranch will send you a confirmation email. With that being said, if you are confirmed for the regular Cattle Drive Clinic, we will have space for you to also do the extended day. Nonetheless, you will receive specific confirmation that you are scheduled for the extended day.

If there is no availability for your selected weekend, we will contact you to discuss alternate weekends or fully refund your payment. 

Next Steps

Please make sure to also reserve your lodging and box stalls as necessary. Please note that campsites and box stalls have a one-time weekend fee, which will not increase with an extended day.


See you on the Ranch!