Devil's Hole Ranch is a remarkable place nestled in the hills and deep valleys of Wisconsin's Driftless region. Forested hillsides, cold-water trout streams, prairie remnants, wetlands, and grasslands provide abundant habitat for wildflowers and wildlife.

This is our home, and we'd like to share it with you.


Our history

Jeff "Doc" Menn is a descendant of German immigrants who first settled in the valley south of the Village of Norwalk in the 1850's. His great-great grandma, Anna Margaretha, named the ranch when she got lost on the ranch while bringing home the cows for milking. When rescued, she exclaimed, in German, that it was a terrible "Devil's Hollow" out there. The name obviously stuck! In more recent years, the Devil’s Hole Ranch was run by Doc’s grandparents, Ben and Tony Menn, followed by his parents, Jake and Katherine Menn (Big Jake and Mama Kitty). Doc and Paula Menn took over the ranch in the early 1970's. Thanks to Jake, Katherine, Doc, and Paula, the ranch has grown significantly, in terms of land and livestock. In 2012, Doc and Paula partnered with their son-in-law and daughter, Gabriel and Aurora Slattery, who then took full responsibility for the ranch's daily operations. 


Our Mission

Cherishing the ranch's history, we are determined to stay a family-owned, independent ranch. We continually strive to grow by purchasing additional land and increasing the number and quality of our livestock. The ranch is committed to breeding, raising, and using the ranch horse as an integral part of our ranching business. The Menn family is grateful for the opportunity to teach, learn, and grow not only academically, but also on the ranch.  "To teach is to learn" (Edwin L. Overholt, MD) and as such we value and continue to expand our educational opportunities for the ranching and horse communities.