Our Team

The team at Devil's Hole Ranch is dedicated, hard-working, experienced, and loves what they do. Each person contributes to the Ranch in their own, unique way. 


Jeff and paula menn
Norwalk, wi

Devil's Hole Ranch is owned by Jeff and Paula Menn. Jeff is a pediatrician by profession and goes by the handle "Doc." He is a full-time practicing physician. He is a scholar of the "Old West" and an avid storyteller (check out Doc’s Dialogues). He knows every inch of the land and has a love for cattle, horses, and the ranch lifestyle. In addition to serving as an owner, Doc is also the Head Wrangler for the cattle drive clinics. Paula spent many years as a teacher in the area. She has retired from teaching and now spends her time supporting ranch operations.  

Gabriel and aurora slattery
owners and operators
Norwalk, Wi

The Ranch began as a family-run operation and continues to be so with the Menn's daughter and son-in-law, now managing the 3,500 acre ranch. With a lifetime of ranching and farming experience and the love for cattle and horses deeply seeded in their characters, Aurora and Gabriel "Gabe" are the power couple running and moving the Ranch forward. 


Adrian roberg
Event Coordinator
Norwalk, WI

Adrian Roberg was born and raised in Vernon County, Wisconsin, in a time when family farms flourished with small dairy herds, small equipment, and still some draft horses. At a young age, Adrian was taught how to "hold the lines" by his great-grandfather. Ever since then, horses have been an important part of Adrian's life.

For many years, Adrian competed in carriage competitions across the Midwest. Adrian now owns Bristow Farm, a fencing neighbor to Devil's Hole Ranch. On his farm, Adrian breeds and raises both Belgian and Oberlander horses. In 2017, Bristow Farm sold horses to places all across the nation, including: Tacoma, WA; Sand Point, ID; Custer, SD; Bloomington, IL; San Diego, CA; and Hazelton, IA.


2019 clinic staff to be announced soon!